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  • CW references to sexual content

Love is an Episode of Star Trek Enterprise, but I Forgot to Add More Scott Bakula References., Star Trek Quarterly

Originally published by Star Trek Quarterly, January 2022, p. 9-10
Pea Flower Tomioka

Love is an Episode of Star Trek Enterprise, but I Forgot to
Add More Scott Bakula References.

Love is an episode of Star Trek Enterprise
because we knew going in that this was probably a bad idea,
but it's the brand, and I know the plot of how hot you are.

Bad boy typecast in that trench coat
And your long, black hair sweeping back between your fingertips
Accidental ovulation mic drop

I am swinging starship warp nacelles to the vent of your plasma.
And Captain Archer was Dr. Sam Beckett long before we
had our own Ziggy Gooshie to squish,

and oh boy, your best leap home
to my thighs programmed my body to mother
your star man sky child.

I am Serenity to your Malcolm.
I want you to smuggle into my cargo bay

I am Vash to your Picard.
Nobody understood how we ended up dating, but they all knew the
Sex was FANtastic.

I am Sarlack to your Boba Fett
I will swallow the savor of you for a millennia

I am Garak to your Bashir.
Our ship is queer coded into the timbre of our gasps

I am Moya to your Pilot
We are fused together with our own bio matter.

I am Spock to your McCoy.
I want to wrap my Vulva death grip around your illogical cock.

We are a rerun marathon in technicolor,
like when you kiss me and I forget my lines.
There is comfort in our dress down black and white

and I pick up on all of your signals.
Tonal Blast backbeat that even John Williams can't conduct
the conduct of our flesh-

They emulate our love for 42 minutes a day
but we stretch it string theory out across a tesseract Tardis universe.
We cream to this Milky Way.

And I will memorize each plot twist for the chance
to tell these stories under uncharted starlight
because our rerun inspired decades of excellent writing

I am alive again.
And we are the utopian trek future Rick Berman couldn't silence.

Tomioka, Pea Flower. "Love is an Episode of Star Trek Enterprise, but I Forgot to
Add More Scott Bakula References." Star Trek Quarterly, p. 9-10, January 2022.

Handwritten, cursive signature says "pea flower tea" in lowercase letters. The flower is a small sketch of a bloom, instead of the word for "flower".

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