Graphite sketch of Clerodendrum Quadriloculare 1 in dark green

a contrapuntal poem

separate poems that read across to create another combined poem

The Untitled Spread of our Twinning Thighs

I forgot to tell you I loved you, but
The sunlight of your face inspired me
Lips spread in tiny gaspings deep
If I could just arch enough to inch you inside
Further than physics limits us
How I'm undone by the honey in your voice, the
Beckoning spice of your skin, my aching
to draw the moon across our fevered brows.

I never could remember how
To dance without the press of your fingertips into the small of my back.
This perfect moment clamped in our teeth,
And in swallowing these kisses I crest across
Swelling of each orgasm like waves. Like the Stormlights. Like this only way we Love.
We are slick with this madness. This frenzied grace.

signature in green which reads "pea flower tea" with the flower depicted as a hand drawn flower design.



Form Rules

A contrapuntal poem is constructed by writing separate poems that, when displayed in order, can be read through to create another poem.  In this example, two separate poems stand alone, with a third poem read from left to right across each matched line.  The complexity of this is only limited by your experimentation.  Any number of separate poems could be written and combined in any number of ways.  A popular example expounding on this form is a Venn Diagram poem.

About the author

Pea is an artist focused on building an art therapy platform through transformative art and positive erotica to help victims of sexual violence reclaim their power. She lives on a small island and hides from loud noises.