Watercolor painting of Andrew Brown Jr. in peachy tones and dusty browns.

Andrew Brown Jr.

This piece was created on Procreate and released to Instagram for its initial publication.

“Andrew Brown Jr. was 42 years old when officers executing an arrest warrant opened fire. A private autopsy report found that Andrew had been shot five times. We are still waiting for more information on yet another incident that should have never involved murdering another black person. Andrew was killed on the 21st, and we still don’t know what happened to warrant such outrageous violence. Andrew’s life mattered. The hole this violence tears into his family can’t be mended.

You can find more information here.

Handwritten, cursive signature says "pea flower tea" in lowercase letters. The flower is a small sketch of a bloom, instead of the word for "flower".

About the author

Pea is an artist focused on building an art therapy platform through transformative art and positive erotica to help victims of sexual violence reclaim their power. She lives on a small island and hides from loud noises.