Graphite sketch of flamingo flowers in dark green

raven stickers for sale

an update from Pea Flower Tomioka


Meet Andi Lee Raven and her friends, Cat, Mink, and Rook!  Watercolor paintings turned stickers; this magical mini collection brings a touch of whimsy and elegance.  Each scene features Andie Lee Raven proudly posing with anatomically accurate skulls of a cat, a mink, and a rook.  Each sticker features different florals, including Mexican marigolds, bougainvillea blossoms, and pale pink roses, each chosen to enhance the magic depicted within the paintings.


  • Choose your favorite for 4 dollars, or take home all three for 10!
  • Stickers are approximately 4 inches on the longest edge.
  • All stickers are printed on waterproof vinyl
  • All sales are hand-packaged by Pea with extra magic just for you!

What does this support?

  • Mental Health Awareness at the Local Level: Andie Lee Raven is named after a dearly departed friend and lover of animals of all kinds.  To honor her life, all Andie Lee Raven products help raise money for mental health awareness at the local level.
  • Survivor Support: All sales from The Studio shop help support survivors of sexual violence.


Raven and Cat:
Watercolor painting sticker of a teal raven standing on a cat's skull and bent over rose quartz crystals and orange marigold flowers.  She has one foot placed on the crystals and is looking down to her friend, a cat skull at the base of the crystals.

Raven and Mink:
Watercolor painting sticker of a teal raven standing with her back facing us and looking to the right.  She's standing amongst pink roses in front of a little tan fairy hut.  Her friend, the mink skull, is nestled amongst the roses between the raven and the stairs to the fairy hut.

Raven and Rook:
Watercolor painting sticker of a teal raven standing proudly behind a gilded fancy birdcage.  The cage is adorned with pink/purple bougainvillea blossoms.  A rook's skull is perched on top of the cage, framed by pale blue petals from a gerbera daisy.

All 3 Stickers:
Photo three vinyl stickers are held in hand against a greenery background.  The stickers feature a watercolor raven with a different realistic animal skull in each scene.

Handwritten, cursive signature says "pea flower tea" in lowercase letters. The flower is a small sketch of a bloom, instead of the word for "flower".

About the author

Pea is an artist focused on building an art therapy platform through transformative art and positive erotica to help victims of sexual violence reclaim their power. She lives on a small island and hides from loud noises.