body braid (storebought is fine) sticker

Preorder Party

EDS Access Matters Zebra Sticker Stats:

  • $5.oo shipping included gets you a sticker.  Order as many as you like.
  • $1.oo from every preorder donated directly to the the Fight like a Warrior project
  • Body Braid mobility brace by Body Braid
  • 4 inches on the long
  • Waterproof vinyl/water bottle friendly
  • Every preorder is always hand packed and stuffed with extras

Meet our newest pal, Dazzle!  Dazzle is excited to showcase real mobility aids to raise awareness for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and help aid the fight for access for all!

I will be donating $1.oo from every preorder to help support the Fight like a Warrior project and the good work they're fighting for.This colorful zebra embodies all of the energy vibes for EDS warriors who are rocking it mobility style.  The zebra is the mascot of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and other Hyper Mobility Spectrum disorders.  EDS is a genetic disorder that often results in loose, flexible joints due to improper collagen production.  Those diagnosed can have a wide range of symptoms, including joint subluxation and/or dislocation, and mobility aids often help restore freedom to many people with h-EDS.  Those with EDS may experience limited pain or may suffer from chronic debilitating pain.  Every case is different, and it's important that we continue to help fund more research and awareness.

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