Graphite sketch of artist of a woman with wild long hair wearing a layered tank with several casual straps, drawn in dark green
Therapeutic Artistry and Acts of Defiance

Poetics. Illustrations. Ceramics. Sex. Healing.



Land Acknowledgement

We wish to honor the Indigenous people of what is now known as the state of Florida, upon whose land we are living, working, and healing. We honor the Pensacola, Apalachee, Guale, Timucua, Potano, Ocale, Tocobaga, Mayaimi, Ais, Calusa, Jeaga, Tequesta and Matecumbe tribes. We further honor the lost indigenous people of the Jaega, the Seminole, and the Taino tribes of Singer Island, where we operate this program, and who rightfully belonged here unmolested.



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Awaken healing from within with our trauma-informed collection of therapeutic artistries. Shop our line of ceramics and invite healing into your everyday life.  Awaken the senses with a custom print painted by synesthetic artist Pea Flower Tomioka.   Shop our collections of stickers, each helping to raise money for progressive change.  Every purchase helps to support survivors of sexual violence by funding the creation of our art therapy program and providing those with the greatest needs for support with the access and advocacy they deserve.

Bumpy Lime Ceramics
Trauma-informed artistry preserved in clay.

Our custom line of trauma-informed ceramics is created using our art therapy process.  Each piece is created by making room for every emotion and honoring each to the fullest.  Here, we celebrate joys locked into the clay.  Here, we honor our sadness, making room for healthy boundaries.  Here, we vitrify the spoilation of spirit.  Every single piece of pottery represents authentic, genuine healing and holds space for you to join us where love meets art.

Pea Flower Tea Prints
Sensory-based artistry blending color and neurodivergency

Pea Flower Tomioka perceives color differently from a neurotypical brain due to a condition called synesthesia.  Their paintings represent the shifting way that life and movement bloom over the faces of everyone they see.  Feel the beauty of this hidden world of color for yourself by ordering your own portraits or shopping our collection of fine art watercolor prints.

The Sticker Shop
Stickers for progressive change.  

Shop our collection of stickers and sticker packs to help raise money for your favorite charitable causes.  New packs are released all the time!  Get involved on the blog to vote for new sticker pack ideas and help choose which charities we will support with each new creation.  This space is a collaborative art project where you can affect real change and choose each adventure in real-time.

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Pea is building an art therapy program for survivors of sexual violence to reclaim their power after abuse. The program's cornerstones, which can be explored on this site, include poetry, illustration, and ceramics. All too often, we find that the traditional therapy models are exclusionary and marginalized groups frequently fall through the systemic cracks in our medical systems. Pea aims to provide a program that is designed to address the systemic failures of these systems through advocacy, activism, artistry, and trauma-informed therapeutic healing.  This means our program will be rooted in upholding all inclusive forms of healthy sexuality.  You can learn more about our therapeutic approach and our commitment to being trauma-informed here.

This program is under construction, and Pea is working towards earning multiple degrees to ensure that the program has a solid foundation in positive psychology, authentic artistry, and trauma recovery.  Pea plans to launch the program in full after she receives her certification as a sex counselor and educator from the American Society for Sexual Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.

Pea Flower Tomioka

noun  /pi flaʊə towmiowkə/ (she/fae)

  1. an artist focused on building an art therapy platform through transformative art and positive erotica to help victims of sexual violence reclaim their power
  2. queer voice/disabled body/acts of defiance
    "Pea Flower Tomioka lives on a small island and hides from loud noises."

Synonyms and related words:  @peafllowertea,

Pea is always in a stage of transformation and believes when we think we've finally become who we are supposed to be, then the journey is at an end.  She holds equivalency to a Masters in Graphic Illustration from private tutoring and is working towards an interdisciplinary Masters in Psychology and Creative Writing as a Phi Theta Cappa honors student.  A published poet, a ceramicist, and a professional knitter for over ten years, Pea is passionate about advocacy, an active member of the LGBTQ+ family, and is building an art therapy program for adult survivors of sexual violence to reclaim their power.  Pea believes the current models for sexual health are exclusionary to a wide range of the LGBTQ+ family and intends to change the conversation about healthy sexuality through poetry and erotica.

To facilitate this goal, she launched Lavender Lime Literary ( to provide an inclusive, trauma-informed space for poets and artists to challenge westernized models of sexual health together.

She lives on a small island off of the east coast of Florida with her husband, her son, and their menagerie of birds, cats, reptiles, and spiders.  She can most often be found feeding wild doves in her front yard and arguing with iguanas about whose pepper plants are whose.



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Pea Flower Tea

A therapeutic hub for art and healing.

Bumpy Lime Ceramics

Trauma-informed artistry preserved in clay.

Lavender Lime Literary

Literary journal raising up healthy sexuality through diverse inclusion.

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